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    Totally Wicked E Liquid

    I pay full price for all products from Totally Wicked. I do not get anything, from TW for This review. I have no monetary interests in TW.

    My review of TW E juice. I started My Vaping career with TW. I love Their juice, but the prices were too high for me. Since then I have since ordered juice from about 10 sources. Most of the juices I have tried have been good, but now it is getting hard to find the 36 mg juice i vape. I do cut it with Loranns, but not enough to make a difference. I like my nicotine.

    So last week I ordered 90ml of 36mg juice from TW, plus some 510 attys. I got My goods in less then 3 days, that is shipping from FL. to MI.. Tw has a special with any 30ml bottle They give You a free empty 5ml plastic bottle. My Order was complete with no problems. As always TW has great packaging and child proof caps. I dont care about that stuff, but some of You do. Also the USPS tracking worked for once.

    I have not vaped any TW juice in over 3 months and I Was hoping It was as good as I remembered It was. I ordered 2 unflavored and a marlboro. I broke into the Marlboro first. It was just as good as befor, if not better! Great big vapor clouds and super throat hits. I puffed on that all day and got a nicotene high for the first time in weeks. The next day I vaped the unflavored juice. This stuff did have a slight pepper taste to it but not much. I mixed some with LorAnns and vaped away.

    Now Totally Wickeds juice is way to expencive. But their product Rules!
    I bought 500ml 36mg from another company, so When That gets here, Im set for a month or two. When I'm all out of juice I will be ordering from TW again. Their juice tastes great, mixes great and if it says 36mg it has 36mg in it.

    So To finish My ramblings Tw has great customer service, fast shipping, Super juice, but high prices.

    Vape On!
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