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Thread: Setting up a social group

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    Arrow Setting up a social group

    If you have a few people in your area you could set up a social group to keep you all together and make your plans for world domination.

    Here's a link to create a new group -

    The person who creates the group becomes the 'owner' or moderator of that group. Ownership can be exchanged between members with no difficulty.

    After adding a 3rd member to the social group it gives the option to "create forum" at the bottom of the screen on the blue bar. Then you will have a club wth your own space to post! LIVC is invite only... so it would have ONLY approved members... but you may set yours up how you like.

    Go through your thread with the name of your area or do a search for people with the same local area as you and invite each person in your thread who is from your area to be in your social group or just PM people with the link and ask them to join!

    Let us know if you need any help.
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