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Thread: Count Down to DEEM Day

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    Seems like all the vapers moved to Facebook, as the ECF's advocacy threads have also been drying up.

    But there is a lot of excellent information and important documents posted on this website.

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    Facebook itself has become awfully dried up, I hardly ever see activity there in the groups I'm interested in. IMO people are tired, we've been fighting since 2009 to keep our vapes from countless enemies. Now its time for the big shots in the vape world to do what has to be done. Enough donations and documentaries that were never finished have been made.

    So, what has changed since DEEM DAY?
    -Nic base is atleast one third more expensive
    -to buy online from most suppliers you have to take a picture holding your ID, and give them your SSN #, in some cases having to sign for your package with the mailman, they then pass the cost of having to do that onto the customer.
    -Vape shops cannot offer free samples, online suppliers can not give you a few free 10-30ml bottles to try their other flavors, and nobody can offer giveaways or contests for free items, reviewers included.
    -If you buy a setup at a vape shop, the employees there can not put their hands on your items after they are out of the box, this means they cant' help you build, wick, or juice your hardware. Also if a customer asks an employee "will this help me quit smoking?" the employee has to answer with "By law I can't answer that question"

    Gee thats great, no this doesn't suck at all. I'm totally a tinfoil mad hatter. dafuq? so glad I donated to IVAQS.
    thanks for visiting this insane dark corner of vape forums Bill.
    Member of the Prison Island of Banned Vapers

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