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    Hello all. Zeus here from ZeusEJuice.

    I was fortunate enough to receive a review from a member here, and thought it was best placed in a review thread, so I've pasted it below.

    We are a new company specializing in E-Juice.
    We want to be one of the best, but only get better through listening to our customers.

    With that said, I would like to offer dedicated members of this forum, with over 100 posts, 50% off your order, and sincerely hope that you will take the time to post an honest review. PM me and I'll provide you with a coupon code just for you.

    Review from peacefrog:

    Quote Originally Posted by peacefrog33756 View Post
    You are local to me, so I thought I should try a few bottles. Ordered 30mls each of 30mg 'Cappaccino,' Cherry, and Black Cherry Tobacco. Shipped same day and received the next day (appreciate the fast service). Packaging and labeling are adequate; one suggestion you might consider is printing the PG/VG ratio on your labels. Don't really like the label design, but that's just me.

    So far, have only tried the 'Cappaccino' and the Black Cherry Tobacco in a LR atty at 3.8 - 4.0V. Taste, TH, and vapor production were all initially fair to good, not great. Unlike some other juices, the initial taste lasted through a heavy vaping session and didn't dissipate. I like intense flavors, but the 'Cappaccino' and the Black Cherry Tobacco semed a little too muted. The Cherry had just too much cherry and not enough tobacco for my taste. Additionally, the 'Cappaccino' tasted little like others; not bad, just different. It will be an acquired taste for me, and most "coffee" enthusiasts will probably initially dislike it.

    So far, so good, but I'll need additional time to evaluate and place you on my list of "approved juicers." Prices are good, shipping and service appear to be extraordinarily good. Initial impressions essentially are 'perhaps a notch above many, but not nearly as good as many other 'premium' juicers e.g. Highbrow, MOV, Backwoods. You are on the right track; please discourage your overly-enthusiastic employees from spamming; otherwise you will gain a reputation here and I'll be one of the first to boycott your endeavors as will others. That type of thing is insulting to our forum. We are not ECF.

    Good luck and welcome to VF.

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    How much is shipping?
    Willing to give you a try, but I'm not entering a phone number just to find out it's $10 to ship 10mL.

    In fact, I have NO idea why you require a phone number at all. You haven't given me your phone number.
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    I don't think requiring a phone number is a necessity either. Not in today's age where people check email more than phone messages. I removed it as a requirement. Thanks for the advise cappadoc.

    Shipping is about $3.50 for 2-3 day national for 4 or 5 small bottles. It's calculated live at USPS according to weight. We also have flat rate for larger orders. And we do have free shipping on orders $50 or more. Not BS 7 day ground either. First Class USPS.

    My phone number is 727-470-8792.
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    No takers?

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    I'm down to try it! email me at

    I have a few questions.


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