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Thread: WTF Smoktech?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deweycox View Post
    I make $59 an hour 40 hours a week. Fuck off.
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    Sometimes life is simple, if we heed warnings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antism View Post
    Just checked out the Smoktech site to find the availability of their new buck style Provari rip off, the VMax. According to the site, MSRP is $128 and they will NOT sell to vendors who offer it at a cheaper price.

    Let's face it Smoktech, your products aren't known for their quality, so who in FUCK'S SAKE would actually sell this when $25 more will get you a Provari or $4 less will get you a Buzz Pro, both of which are solid. Looks like my back up is gonna be an LT.
    They sell for $49.90/ea. 50 MOQ

    Their first version was even better and was $39.90, but they decided to go with the "cloned" look and jack up the price.

    Don't need a website to order, but you'll need a business name and address.

    They're passing out "samples" right now for the same price, no a commercial invoice myself for 1, but not sure yet if it's worth the cost. $70+ shipped.

    I think that they put that up to appease their vendors concerns about being undercut by so much competition, like what you see with LT prices all over the place.

    But just as soon as L-Rider releases their new more powerful version (amps unknown yet) in the summer June/July, it'll definitely give ST a run for the money! I personally can't wait to see it.

    Their V2 LT, which has been recently released has a similar Provari type body, but it's chrome-plated brass or copper....and 1 vendor in particular swears they got em to build stainless steel bodies, but the same regulator as the aluminum body.

    Should be interesting to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterofChaos View Post
    She still looks pretty good!

    You can always tell the age by the hands, though. They look like they belong on the CryptKeeper.

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