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Thread: "Welcoming in Spring" from Spring Vapor!

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    Default "Welcoming in Spring" from Spring Vapor!

    Hey folks! We here at Spring Vapor thought it would only be fitting if we offered a "Welcoming in Spring" promotion! So... Here it is.

    Use COUPON CODE: SPRING20 to receive 20% off your SV juice orders for the entire month of April!

    On top of that, we are offering hardware at a discounted price!

    -ALL LEA Kits are marked down to $34.99!
    -Ego-C Kits and marked down to $54.99!
    -BOGE Cartomizers 3 pack specials at only $19.00! ( Choice of SR or LR)
    -510 tank atomizers $6! (choice of 3.0 or 1.5 ohm)

    We also decided to offer a "Flavor of the Day"!
    Each day, I will post a new flavor of the day. The favor of the day will cost $9.99 for a 30mil bottle.You will have the same options as a regular bottle of juices just at a discounted price! Not only that, but you can order as many as you please!

    Feel free to post any ideas or choices you would like to see!


    Spring Vapor and Sneaky Pete Team Up!*

    Within the next week, Spring Vapor is proud to announce that we will be carrying the Sneaky Pete! The first batch will take an 18350! Super small, Super solid and Beautiful! Each one is handcrafted and one of a kind!

    More details in the coming days!



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    Woot you are someplace I can hang out and talk to you

    I needs to order 3 bottles of Stawberry Vistadine 100% VG on the 18th....I love it, hands down my favorite eJuice at the moment, I have now tried pretty much every popular flavor from other vendors, nothing beats Strawberry Vistadine as an all day vape IMHO.

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    Hey buddy! I need one of your sgt vv mods, when are they going to be in stock? I'm going to treat myself to a birthday pv

    I was waiting on the resin sgt vv but the plastic will do just fine.

    I hope you're doing well!
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    Sorry ALL! I have been Busy as $hit! Sneaky Petes are up on the site! Promo codes still rolling! Adding several new flavors and rearranging things! Also...

    My affiliates and good friends over at Phiniac have graciously customized tanks for Spring Vapor! Here is a link to the tanks! Lots of cool color options available! Here's a great opportunity to grab the much talked about Phiniac Tank! Maybe Spring Vapor isn't your first choice for a custom pyrex tank? They have Tonz to choose from! But to sweeten the deal... How about a 10% off coupon code for choosing our Spring Vapor logo tank!!

    Coupon Code: spring10


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