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Thread: Finished my flashlight...

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    Nice looking piece. I might have to take a look at the flashlight base again....haven't looked at that error since my Madog Magnum. I just dunno about keeping that stock clickie switch though. Would be to worried about it getting left on. Have a bunch of spare clickie switches around though, so think I'll have to dissect one or two to see how/if they could be modded. Could always put a different momentary in the same place under the cover...was just never fond of bottom switches to begin with.
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    Keeping the stock switch may bite your ass. I'm not a safety nazi, but I am a firm believer in Murphy's law. I think you oughta look at swapping with a momentary.

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    Yeah, I'm gonna switch it out. But I need to find a button that will remain below the bezel on the end cap. That way I can stand it on end. The ones I have will protrude. Next time I'm at RadioJack I'll probably pick on up.
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