Dr Carl Phillips wrote this. You ask what has this to do with e-cigarettes? It is simple reading Dr. Philips writings will help you understand what researchers are doing and how they create JUNK SCIENCE, to ban and trash e-cigarettes'. They use the same methods to show you that anything that is not politically correct. meets their view of what is right and control people using social engineering. They use JUNK SCIENCE to convince you their point of view is correct, whether it is or not, once you believe it is true then you join their bandwagon and spread the word.

Commentary: Lack of scientific influences on epidemiology


Anyone intent on understanding my interests by following the money—incidentally, a phrase that was popularized by a story about accumulation of governmental power22—would gain little insight. Indeed, the financial support for this article came from an organization (the University of Alberta School of Public Health) which has tried to censor my communication of some of what is included here, and would likely forbid me from publishing this if they could.