There has been a lot of talk around the forums and on ElixirTV about NicFitNation changing over to all nicotine free e-liquids. This is true. We have been planning this over the last few months and have been working on recipes for nicotine free e-liquids. This decision was done for legal reasons, as nicotine inside of the e-liquid is considered a drug in Canada. And nicotine is this liquid form is a new drug to the market and requires a DIN (Drug Identification Number). To acquire a DIN; FDA testing and approval with Health Canada is needed. We are currently looking into how possible of a process this is. We expect this to be a long and expensive road, but will keep on path the best our resources allow.

Our first batch of zero nic liquids is just about done now and should be available to purchase on the site by the end of this week. By this time we expect most of our nicotine flavors to be sold out and there will not be any re-stocking of them. We are starting off with a tobacco, a menthol tobacco, Timmy's Ice Cap, and of course my personal favorite Grape Kewl Aid; all nicotine free. And will be adding more flavors very soon.

Any e-liquids we have with nicotine that are not sold by April 13th will be returned for credit or used for personal use.

When things change on the legal front regarding nicotine in e-liquids; we will of course start stocking nicotine again. Unfortunately until this time; or hands are tied.