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Thread: OldGoat20's illuminated bottom feeder mod

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    Default OldGoat20's illuminated bottom feeder mod

    So theres a guy in the forums selling his transparent-white home made 3ml bottom feeder mods in the classifieds, and me being afraid of feeder mods (so many stories about leaking Wetboxes) had never tried an affordable bottom feeder mod, so i finally picked one up.

    I have been vaping myself into a coma with this bottom feeder box mod (with a lr306 and 14500). I literally have to put this thing down otherwise i start feeling sick from nicotine OD lols, this hasn't happened to me since I first started using 6v vaping!

    This is my first experience with a feeder mod, and even with my novice know-how in relation to them, I haven't had any leaks from the feeding system and I've already perfected my squeeze for some solid vaping.

    The box itself is semi transparent, and he's put in a few color changing leds for shits and giggles, a little raver-ish but fuckit its cool when i'm driving at night lols.

    My only gripe would be the switch placement. It's a micro switch that he has placed at the bottom of the mod, there is a master switch to prevent activation but it would've been nice to place the switch at the top or side so i can set it down between vapes. I could just set it on its side, but I fear that liquid will reach the tip when i go for my next vape. Currently I just flip the master switch when i put it down.

    He's already told me that he plans to make them with the switches on the side in the future so I may get another one when he does.

    I was really in the market for a Reo Mini for the longest time, but because of the high demand thats nearly impossible. However I'm glad I atleast have a reference point when it comes to feeder mods and when I do pick up the next generation of bottom feeders I'll know what to expect.

    For about $35 its a legitimate alternative to the expensive feeders out there, and its a great companion to your LR306

    Thanks for making an affordable option to the mini reo Ron!
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