I posted this up on ECF but thought I would toss it here as well.

I am not making a video there are plenty out there covering look, feel, size, swagger, etc.

I purchased the PRODIGY V3 a few days back and OMG I must come right out and say best device hands down!

I got my V3 with the 901 adapter because I have been using KR808s with premium cartomizers and a few 901 attys. What I have found here is that with some juices on the 901 attys the flavor is just gone. I have found that using the exact same juice in a KR808 cartomizer on the V3 fixes the issue completely. Not only is the flavor back, but it’s nice and warm and honestly tons more vapor!!! I have discontinued using my 901s and only use cartomizers. I did get a drip tip from PS with my V3 order and love it! I now remove the rubber end caps from my cartomizers and replace with the drip tip. Not only does this look bad ass but it also allows me to toss in a few drops when i need or set it down for a bit. This keeps the carto wet and saves me from having to refill as often. I have also found this to be using much less juice than my 901s used.

I also have both the soft and hard springs. I feel that the soft spring makes the V3 feel almost fluid like! The firm spring is just too firm and cramps my finger after a while. I have stretched my soft spring a hare just enough to make it so i can rest the V3 without firing the power. This is working well.

One major flaw i saw right off the bat with the V3 was I have 4 sets of batteries and my first set worked perfectly. But the other brand new sets wouldn't even fire at all!! I loosened the screw in the bottom a half turn and BAM back in business. So to fix this properly I dug into my RC car parts and found a washer that was identical to the washer the V3 came with but it was 2-3X thicker. I replaced the stock washer with mine and now all my battery sets work. I think PS can fix this issue for all just by including 1-2 more washers with the device or maybe just 1 thinker one. EASY FIX!!!

The threads are good, and applying a little NOALOX to them makes them next to perfect. I noticed after one of my switch washer upgrades that the threads were getting very snug. I added more NOALOX and gave it a few spins back and forth solving the issue. My V3 kit came with an extra screw and NOALOX. Thanks guys!

Batteries: V3 takes 2x RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries. Yes that’s right! LiFePO4! These are fantastic batteries. They are extremely well protected and even the manufacture states that they will never catch fire or explode. They are said to have upwards to 2000 recharges! A typical Li-Ion will only do 200-500 at best. That being said, yes if you are wondering will they need their own changer? PureSmoker sells them as a kit with or without the V3, charger and 4 batteries. I didn’t get mine there. I ordered them from all-battery.com where I snagged charger with both AC (home) and DC (car) adapters and 6 batteries for $26 shipped! These things are great and the 3 sets of batts are working out perfectly. I think a lot of people turned away from high voltage vaping because of the explosion risk. Well this seems to be the fix my friends.

The bottom button ~~>
Many people have said that the bottom button was a huge turn off. I can understand this as I was one of them myself. That hate for bottom buttons went away after my first drag off of the V3! The switch is amazing and is super simple to use. I walked up to my wife and said “Hey you gotta try this” and handed her the V3. She’s like “um is it automatic”? I laughed and showed her how to unlock the switch and fire it. She instantly hit it like she had been holding it for a week and turned to me and just threw out a big “WHOA!” So my advice here is if this is swaying your decision, is not to let it bother you as you too will fall in love with the fantastic mechanical locking switch.

I am on the hunt for a good case for this bad boy. So far I haven’t found anything I like. I know that other owners have posted about a really cool diabetic case they have found that holds it well and has room for batteries and juice. I have seen this one, but ehhhh to freakin large for me. I want something it can sit in and be protected, maybe hold 1 set of batteries, and a cartomizer or 2. Also I would like this to be able to fit in my pocket easily and not look like I am trying to carry around a freakin daily planner. Today I saw some promising digital camera cases at walmart, but they didn’t feel to be just what I wanted so I held off for the perfect case. If anyone finds something please let me know. Maybe post a pic or 2 if possible. I will report back if I find what I am looking for.

Others have said the same but I cannot stress how well this device vapes! The standard KR808s were decent but not quite as satisfying as a cigarette. This blows away any cig, leaves me completely satisfied and then some.

This was my first experience with PureSmoker and I must honestly say that they are amazing! Thank you Curtis, Casey, Cash, Steve, and everyone up there at PS!! I love my V3.

Lastly I wanted to say a big Thank you to GrimmGreen!! You turned me on to the V3 and I couldn't be happier!!

- In the words of GG "KEEP ON VAPING ! !"