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    I wanted to take this opportunity to give credit where its due. Everyone seems to know Who I am, Harry at VaporBomb. But there are some other people here that are even more deserving of recognition than myself. My best friend and business partner, Jerry and his wife Rose. Without these two VaporBomb would not be what it is. The juice that you love so much were primarily developed by Jerry. The time and effort he puts in to assuring the quality and flavor of our juices is incredible. Could this be done without them, Yes it could, but without them VaporBomb would just be any one of a hundred Juice vendors out there. Instead we are VaporBomb!!
    It takes exceptional people to make an exceptional company. At VaporBomb those exceptional people are Jerry and Rose.

    Today is Jerry and Rose's 20th wedding anniversary. Jerry is one of the Gen. Partners and Rose is the one that keeps all this together, she oversees the labeling and packaging on very order that leaves here. Many of you may know her because she is the one that signs every invoice with the notes to all of our customers.
    Take the time to but" Happy Anniversary Jerry and Rose" in the special instruction and use coupon code: 20th to receive this discount.

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    coupon good till tomorrow.

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    Congratulations on 20 years, Jerry and Rose! <3 I'm stocked for now, but if you could pass on my well-wishes, Harry, I'd be thrilled.
    New to vaping, in O-hi-o!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steff View Post
    Congratulations on 20 years, Jerry and Rose! <3 I'm stocked for now, but if you could pass on my well-wishes, Harry, I'd be thrilled.
    Thanks Steff, I'll do that they will be out til tomorrow but I will pass along.

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    Jerry and Rose kept sending me drunken harassing emails at 3am
    I did some detective work and it turns out it was their 15 year old sonís 10 year old girlfriend

    I still donít understand what kind of parent would let a 15yo and a 10yo get drunk and have sex under their roof unsupervised, but hey it was 3am they were probably sleeping at the time

    Itís not like you can keep track of everything your kid does while under the same roof

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    Freedom of speak is one thing, I'm all for that. put when people are aloud to make references to 10 yr old girls having sex in a coupon code thread, really, I have seen so many violations of the rules here and nothing is ever done. Hell I've violated the rules , but spamming is one thing and talking about kiddie porn is something totally different, at least to the rest of the world. Through out history it is those people that take our liberties for granted that ignorance prevails over morality, and the interception of government is necessary. If we do not Police ourselves, someone will do it for us.Freedom of speak was meant to be for intelligent people, to voice options for or against government and civic issues, so that all voices may be heard. Not to harass innocent people, spout out foul and amoral images to the general public. As you have the right to say as you wish, should I to have the right to not have to be subjected to your vulgarity, unwarranted, unsolicited and totally unjustified.

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    Its sucks you discontinued the Mary Jane juice, I loved it.
    I saved the world once, but I lost the memory card.

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